Who We Are

At instantflirting.com, it's all about you. We strive to make our customers happy by providing the best technical and billing support possible, any time you need it. The answers to your questions are just one simple call or click away!

Our team is both knowledgable and highly trained to meet the needs of your subscription. 24/7, our staff is waiting for your call and are ready to resolve your issues or provide guidance. Our goal is to provide safe, high-end customer support.We have the answers to your questions regarding anything from technical issues, membership questions, password and username retrieval, or billing inquiries. Our staff is friendly, qualified, and able to assist you.

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Login Errors

Can't remember your login credentials? Our team can certainly help you retrieve your password and/or username.

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Billing Questions

If you have any questions regarding our billing policy or structure, our staff will gladly help find an answer or solution!

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We're here to answer any cancellation inquiries or assist you, if you wish to cancel your subscription to our service.

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I’ve forgotten my username or password, can you help?

Our team can certainly help you retrieve your password and/or username. It's easy! Just call +1-877-505-2309 and speak to one of our representatives or fill out the form located on the home page.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can! Our staff can help you with any issues, including cancellation. Simply call us at +1-877-505-2309 , email us at support@instantflirting.com, or use our live chat feature to speak to a customer service representative.

Am I getting billed for my Trial membership?

When a member agrees to a trial membership, that member will not be billed until their trial membership ends. Many financial institutions have a timed pre-authorization hold on monthly membership transactions. This pre-authorization hold would get put back into that member's account, when he/she cancels the trial membership within the time period on the signup form. Please contact your financial institution if you would like more information about their pre-authorization policies and procedures.

What Is Client Support

The customer service center is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and was created to provide customer support for any of your website needs. We can help with accessing the site, password retrieval, billing questions and much more.

My login info isn’t working, can you help?

Certainly! This could be for a number of reasons. First of all, usernames are case sensitive and must be entered without the caps lock on, and with the proper spelling. Secondly, you may be accessing the site through a link that is interfering. Try closing this window and logging in from a brand new browser window. If this does not work, you can try deleting your browser history files such as Temporary Internet Files and your cookies. Sometimes these files will stop login from working correctly. These are often found in your Tools section and can be deleted individually or completely. The location of these files may differ from browser to browser.

Videos are not playing for me, do you know why?

There are a few reasons videos may not play. The most common complaint we hear is that videos are slow to load or take a long time to buffer. If this is the case, it may be because your internet speed is too slow. We suggest a cable or DSL connection in order to ensure that videos work correctly. Check with your Internet service provider to confirm your Internet speed. Secondly, you may need to update your computer. Some video software needs to be constantly updated in order to play videos correctly. If you are seeing a black or blank screen where the video should be this is likely the reason.

Do I have to be billed monthly?

Our memberships are all on a month to month basis unless cancelled via phone, email, or live chat. Call us at +1-877-505-2309 , email us at support@instantflirting.com, or use our live chat feature to speak to a customer service representative if you have questions.